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In Her Purpose

This book features powerful stories of inspiring women who offer impactful and compelling successes. These are true stories that give us hope, courage, and drive. In Her Purpose creators, Rose Buado and Jennifer Redondo-Marquez introduce you to 40 amazing stories of strong Asian women who are redefining success on their own terms. Their stories give insights of how they got to where they are now. Each of these women has defied social and cultural conventions that have shaped our existence as we know it.

There is so much to learn from these women who came before us. Like these women, many of us struggle to find a career path, follow a life goal, and face different challenges, ups, and downs. 

Vina Lustado shares her journey from living in the Philippines to immigrating to the US. She shares her story about living a simple life rooted in her native culture, traveling the world, to founding her own business in order to make a positive impact in the world.

Rising rents, the desire for a simpler life, the aim for sustainability, or the wish to posses a relocatable home: These are just a few reasons why the market for tiny houses has become increasingly popular in recent years. The “Tiny House Movement“ lifestyle trend, which began in the Unites States, has spread throughout the entire world driven by the construction and financial crisis.

XS – Small Houses Big Time

Vina’s Tiny House is published in a beautiful book! Thanks to Switzerland based Braun Publishing for including my house with the best small house designs in the world. Packed with more than 300 pages of full-color photos and architectural drawings, this is a handsome coffee table book for anyone looking for design inspiration for small spaces.

"XS - Small Houses Big Time"

In her chapter, Vina Lustado shares her story about her path to living tiny, from her childhood in the Philippines to finding home in 140 square feet in Ojai, CA

Small But Smart

The aim to live in a mini house can have various reasons: For many it stands for a better, more livable existence on the basis of what is necessary, possible and desired; making one’s life easier, more economical and more sustainable. The limitation of the floor space promotes concentration on the essentials in order to integrate what one needs for life. 

"Small But Smart"

This volume presents different projects in terms of architectural style, construction method, and interior design

With well thought-out planning, cleverly organized floor plans and intelligent, compact concepts, a lot of space can be created in a small area. By now, in addition to do-it-yourself protagonists, established architects and hip design studios have taken on the interesting task of developing sophisticated solutions for small homes and tiny houses.

Vina’s Tiny House Photo Book

This book contains 69 pages of photos documenting the construction process from beginning to end, from the customization of the trailer to the installation of the hardwood floors. The book provides an excellent visual aid during construction.

Package Deal

Receive a discount when you purchase the Photo Book with CONSULTATION or DESIGN PLANS.

The photos are detailed and really give the viewer the essence of what it took to build one of the best designed tiny houses in the movement today.

Amy Dinsmore

Atlanta, Georgia

A must-have companion purchased with the design plans!

Christopher Craddock-Henry

Kelowna, British Columbia

“Turning Tiny”

Over sixty leaders of the Tiny House Movement have come together to embody the spirit of the tiny house movement in one amazing book. “Turning Tiny” was unveiled before the 2016 Tiny House Jamboree. Purchase it online below!

"Turning Tiny"

In her chapter, Vina Lustado shares her story about her path to living tiny, from her childhood in the Philippines to finding home in 140 square feet in Ojai, CA

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