I am the founder/owner of Sol Haus Design, a boutique firm with a focus on sustainable design and building in Ojai, California. After receiving an architecture degree and more than 20 years of experience with high-end corporate clients, I’ve decided to focus my career on smaller scale projects that make a positive difference.

Staying true to my values, I’ve lived full time in my off grid tiny house since 2013. My tiny home has been featured in media publications, books, and television. I am also a proud recipient of the FWN Global 100 Most Influential Women Award and a featured speaker at Yale University on social entrepreneurship. In 2017, I was chosen as an “Innovative Entrepreneur” by Social Venture Circle.

Thank you for your interest in my work. I would be honored to help you create a space that you’ll love!

Vina xox



 My Upbringing: Global Awareness

Born and raised in the Philippines, I loved being out in nature. I came from a large family of ten children, so I learned early the value of simplicity and living within your means. At the age of seven, my family moved to Los Angeles. I yearned to make a positive difference, so I acquired an architecture degree from USC. After graduation, I traveled to Europe with a backpack to explore the world. It changed my life. With an insatiable curiosity, travel expanded my worldview and broadened my perspectives.

My Career: Corporate to Conscious

For two decades, I climbed the corporate ladder, working for notable architecture firms. But I became disillusioned with my profession — the environmental degradation and the tendency to cater to wealthy clients. Eager to make a positive impact in my profession, I decided to pursue an international fellowship in Germany to study sustainable and affordable housing. The experience left a huge impact on me. I wanted to take what I learned and apply it to my work in the US.

Sol Haus Design: Forging a New Way

In 2010, I founded my own business, Sol Haus Design. My intention was to cater to those with modest means and to provide quality housing regardless of income. My design practice reflects my core values of sustainability and affordability. It’s important that I live in alignment with my values. Since 2013, I’ve lived full time in my 140 square foot tiny house, off the grid and happy as can be!


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Business As A Force For Good

We care deeply about the environment. Through our 1% for the Planet membership, we support non-profit organizations to create positive change for the environment. 

100 Most Influential Filipina Women

Vina Lustado is a proud recipient of FWN’s Global 100 Most Influential Filipina Women “Innovator and Thought Leader” Award

Featured Speaker at Yale University

A presentation at the Yale Center for Business and the Environment regarding social entrepreneurship

Design with a Purpose

“Beyond the word sustainability as a concept based on ecology, SOL HAUS DESIGN is also interested in affordability – ensuring that their sustainable innovations are accessible to a wider audience, beyond the premiums that a lot of companies charge for their sustainable products- which is a simple but revolutionary belief.” 

Nikola Alexandre | Yale University

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